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About the Competition

The Eddleman Center for Quantum Innovation recognizes the value of engaging the general public in learning about quantum technologies such as quantum information processing, quantum sensing, quantum simulation, quantum communication and quantum networking. To make these quantum technologies more accessible, visible and intriguing for all, the ECQI community created the Art of Quantum. This competition invites quantum scientists and engineers to share the beauty they see in quantum research, the creativity that goes into experiments and the emotions of discovery. Through art images and captions, we hope that our viewers are initially visually drawn in, but then motivated to stay and learn about fundamental physics concepts and exciting future technologies that will shape our world.


  • First Place: Brenden Ortiz
  • Second Place: Yifei Bai and Jared Pagett
  • People's Choice: Kira Wyckoff

Submission Guidelines

Contest Eligibility

All current high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, including post-docs, who study quantum-related science or engineering in the United States are eligible to submit pieces for the competition.

One submission per participant, team, or group. Teams and groups must designate a single point of contact (the official submitter) and all decisions will be based on that person.

Submissions should be original research outputs based on original research in the field of quantum science and engineering.

What Can Be Submitted

All photograph and image submissions should be original pieces of work based on original research projects conducted while in residence at an educational institution or in affiliation with education. Submissions are limited to one image per contestant. Multiple students/researchers may submit one image as a team submission. Only the lead submitter will be communicated with.

Images may be obtained by any imaging technique, or may be the result of modeling and simulation, or can be obtained by combining multiple images into one artistic image. Photographs may be of instrumentation, apparati, devices, objects used in your scientific investigation, or art created using other mediums. Images may be modified to enhance their aesthetic and tell a story.

Videos may be submitted with special permission from contest coordinators, please ask before you process the submission. A still image will still need to be the primary submission.

Image Requirements
Minimum Image Size Layout Resolution Format Max File Size
3900px (min height) x 3900px (width) Portrait 300dpi jpg 10mb
3900px (height) x 3900px (min width) Landscape 300dpi jpg 10mb
3900px (height) x 3900px (width) Square 300dpi jpg 10mb

Contest Details


A panel of judges composed of faculty members, senior staff, and administrators will review all eligible entries.

Evaluation Criteria
  • Image: Aesthetic excellence (captivating, stunning, and/or otherwise visually interesting) as well as scientific, technical, or educational interest to field of Quantum Technology
  • Caption: Communicates the quantum science behind the image in a clear and engaging way
Awards and Recognition
  • 1st and 2nd place winners will be selected by panel of judges.
  • People’s Choice award will be selected by open voting.
Contest Results

Contest winners will be invited to submit a short video recording of themselves discussing their work. Winning images and videos will be posted virtually in the ECQI Art of Quantum Gallery and will be printed and framed for a traveling exhibition.

Please direct questions about the contest to Wendy Ibsen at art-ecqi@cnsi.ucsb.edu